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2007 The Unbearable Fatigue of Compassion: Notes from a substance abuse counselor who dreams of working at Starbucks.Clinical Social Work Journal, 35(3), 199-205.

2013  We Are All Addiction Counselors Now (Book Chapter) The Praeger Handbook of Community Mental Health Practice., Maller & Langham ed. ABC-CLIO llc., Santa Barbara: CA.

2018 Invisible and Overlooked: Substance use and aging adults.(Book Chapter) The Praeger Handbook of Mental Health and the Aging Community., Maller & Langham ed.ABC-CLIO llc., Santa Barbara: CA.

2015 Honorable Mention in The Pat Scheider Poetry Contest for Yoko published in Peregrin:AWA Press

2017 Motivational Interviewing Alphabet (little Annie productions: Asheville,NC

2017 The Glass Train Amherst and Writers Press Amherst,Ma

2018 Peregrine

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